Dear Futsal Community, 

Aren’t you tired of the same old Futsal leagues, played in the same venue, week after week, facing the same teams again and again throughout the year?

Aren’t you tired of beating the same teams, or getting trashed by the same teams?

Ministry of Football has a simple mission: to create the total Futsal experience in Singapore: you PLAY PLAY PLAY at affordable prices, GAIN a chance to WIN, and play EVENLY against OTHER TEAMS AT YOUR OWN SKILL LEVEL! 

We at Ministry of Football Pte Ltd, or MOF our well known acronym, believe we can achieve exactly that. Two invaluable lessons MOF has taken away from six years of being at the heart of Singapore Grassroots Football Community have been: one, the sportsperson experience is the highlight and culmination of his or her passion and two, build, build, build that great ecosystem and community that allows individual passion to be shared, and commitment and teamwork to thrive. 

MOF is Singapore’s top football tournament, leagues, cups & competitions organizer for great reasons!

  • Well-organized and co-ordinated: no venue mix-ups or miscommunication
  • Deliver what we promise: weekly games are weekly games, no gaps (save for postponements)
  • Easily reachable and responsive hotlines
  • Professional and clear in our communication
  • Well-covered by photographers to highlight your football journey
  • Prepares for contingencies, such as standby referees etc. 
  • Fast & efficient in dealing with problems
  • Happy to hear feedback with humility
  • Firm in the enforcement of rules & regulations (afterall football is a sport), but fair in making judgments

WANT TO SIGN UP? See our offerings on our website. Email or whatsapp 92799006 to find out how we can work together, at no cost to you, and certainly to your business’ benefits, for we aim only to promote a great Singapore sporting community!

To get more info, email us at  or Whatsapp 92799006 or click this: