MOF 4-a-side Phase 3 short WEEKLY LEAGUE 

Fully sheltered Locations in Futsal Arena at Yishun 32 Yishun Central 1, Singapore 768809  (see below for map) – if your location is somewhere else, it will be stated in your Division Sheet on this website.

General Conditions

You play 10 games, every Sun, once a week, depending on age category. No postponement – 10 fixtured games (even during public holidays, ramadan etc – because only 4 players per team). The Team Managers acknowledge that they play 10 fixtured games and withdrawal or abandoning of any games or the league will be treated as walkovers and payment required in lieu of not playing the games.

Only 4 members can play no substitution during the game (because no inter-mingling is permitted). Same four members start and end the game. 

<You can have other players in next games (provided they are already registered earlier by you), but same 4 must start and finish the same game. You may register up to 10 persons. Please have your team assembled five minutes before your stated kick-off time. Games will kick off at appointed time so long as there are TWO players.  


Spectators are not permitted within the compound (covid social distance laws). Please see the guidance bulletin from Sport Singapore below.  The 8 (2 teams of 4) participants of the next game can enter the venue compound only AFTER the participants of the earlier game (8 – 2 teams of 4) have exited the venue compound.

Open category: Games are  15 min per half, with 5 min half time, because of lack of substitution. 

Veteran >35 category: 4 x 7min quarters, with 2 min quarter breaks, and 5 min half time break.

Ages are taken as of 1 January 2021.
Signup fee is $40.
Price per game per team will be $65 for U14,U16,U18,U21,Open category, and
Price per game per team will be $75 for Veteran category


Please submit details and register here:



Signup fee is payable upon registration. Game fees must be paid by the end of the game day 2359 hours into MOF’s bank account by internet banking OR Paynow. Late payment each time will mean $30 late payment charge is payable by the team. Non payment after 24 hours will mean the team’s involvement is suspended and remaining games (and opponent game fees) payable immediately (and enforced in Small Claims Tribunal if not cooperative)

Non-payment and violence are treated very seriously by us:   If your team or any players have been caught being reckless or violent before, you will not be permitted into our games. If discovered only after registration, you and your team will be expelled and a $5000 fine will be imposed.

Any teams caught being reckless or violent will also be expelled and a $500 per act of aggression or verbal abuse per person imposed. A contract will have to be signed between team representatives and MOF, and these two individuals will be responsible for behavior and payment 

To sign up, please contact our hotline 92799006 for clarifications: and also submit this form with payment and documents:  



First place Medium Trophy & up to 10 medals. Second place Small Trophy & up to 10 medals. 
There are no cash prizes. Medals will only be awarded to registered players. 

No photography as pitch limit has been reached (social-distancing rules).

Venue will be fully sheltered futsal artificial turf pitches in Yishun.


Example of Typical Schedule for Open Category: 3 – 5 pm weekly on Sunday

Game One Team A v Team B – 3PM to 345PM

Game Two  Team C v Team D – 355PM to 440PM 

Game Three  Team E v Team F – 450PM to 525PM



Teams must wear their own jerseys and have TWO colours, denoted as ‘Home’ colour and ‘Away’ colour. Jerseys are not provded by the organizer.

Complimentary Photography will not be provided due to venue headcount limit & social-distancing restrictions.